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lundi 23 décembre 2013

Yet Again - 2013

2013 was such an amazing year. I finished developing most of my film since the end of this summer and it's pretty much an nice visual "ode-till-the-year-ends"

In Paris with  some cute encounters

The surf babes visiting

Chaz's Bday
A lot of my friends are leaving our town, Brice went all over North America this year, he looked cute coming back from Canada.

Special Bday for Léo who left for NYC

 Last night 'till Melina went back to her newly beloved Australia <3 p="">

Workin' with the girlz

Mathilde, my friend and best makeup artist I know.

Laurie's birthday bash as when you can't remember why these people make you laugh so hard.

Going into noman's land with a lot of men... The guys from We Are Match and their team are where things are magical.

A little peak from some Billabong stuff... but can't show much more as their new line isn't out yet.  After 3 years, there still bring me to amazing places (this year was Morocco and Hossegor)... Can't stop lovin' them and them Billabong Girls!

In London, whilst visiting my new agents there and working my *ss off.

One blink from LA

 Still the prettiest thing from up high must be Paris's constellation.

Have the best end of the year :)

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Viltė a dit…

In love with these pictures!

Anonyme a dit…


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